Jimmy Driftwood-Americana
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The life story of American folk music legend and national treasure from Arkansas.

. A Biography with Songs, Photos and Tributes by Richard Kent Streeter.
__At last, the most complete book ever written on the life and career of America's No. 1 folk music legend.
__Born in an Ozarks Mountain cabin, Jimmy walked fourteen miles a day to attend high school. He later became a schoolteacher, an RCA Victor recording star, performed at Carnegie Hall and was a member of the Grand Ole Opry. He wrote such notable songs as The Battle of New Orleans, Tennessee Stud, The Wilderness Road, He Had A Long Chain On, Damyankee Lad and dozens more.
__This "100th Birthday Edition" tells the story of Jimmy's family history, his recordings, awards, official appointments and more. And, at last in one place is the story of the historic Rackensack Folklore Society, Arkansas Folk Festival, Ozark Folk Center, Blanchard Springs Caverns, Buffalo National River and the Jimmy Driftwood Barn.
__This is the most comprehensive book ever written on Jimmy's life and times, his career, music and poetry, and includes the greatest collection ever of historic and exclusive photos and illustrations—over 40 in all—thanks to the Archives at the University of Central Arkansas, the Grand Ole Opry Museum, Department of Arkansas Heritage, Stone County Historical Society, the Rackensack Folklore Society and many others. The archives of Grammy-winning Opry photographer Les Leverett are included.
__The 20-plus pages of "The Life, Career & Legacy of Jimmy Driftwood" is a compilation of dozens of quotations from individuals, media publications and books from as long ago as 1958. You will not find them anyplace else. We even included a "Driving Tour of the 'Driftwood District'" so you can locate landmarks of his life in the Ozarks.

Portions of "The Jimmy Driftwood Story" were originally published in two smaller books, "The Jimmy Driftwood Primer, A Biography" (2003) and "The Life, Career & Legacy of Arkansas Folk Music Legend Jimmy Driftwood in the Words of Prestigious and Respected Persons and Publications" (2004).
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Available in two versions:

BOOK: Color-printed, 8½ x 11", 96 pages, in trade paperback $19.95 plus postage

BOOK: 6 x 9" in trade paperback $14.95 plus postage
(6 x 9 book contains same content as 8½ x 11 except interior photos are black & white
some color photos on back cover. 180 pages)


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Jimmy Driftwood-Americana
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