Jimmy Driftwood-Americana
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THE RACKENSACK - OZARK FOLK CENTER - 1972 CD. A reissue on CD of 36 songs and tunes recorded in 1972 by Jimmy Driftwood's original Rackensack Folklore Society, musicians from the isolated Ozark hill country in North Central Arkansas. Formed in 1963, the Rackensack Folklore Society was organized to collect and perform authentic Ozarks mountain music in an era when it was fading from the memories of the old and nearly lost forever to succeeding generations. These LPs were recorded when the players-young and old ones-were at their best and just as the Ozark Folk Center was about to open in Mountain View. Jimmy Driftwood was by then famous for writing The Battle of New Orleans, Tennessee Stud, The Wilderness Road and other great songs that would become American music classics. He was a member of the world famous Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and consultant for National Geographic and other projects. His work on behalf of the culture center in Mountain View would earn him the title "Father of the Ozark Folk Center."
_____The "Rackensackers" performed at the first Arkansas Folk Festival in Mountain View in 1963 and continue to this day. They also became the backbone of the musical performances at the Ozark Folk Center that opened in 1973; they were part of Jimmy's "Music of the Ozark" tours to college campuses, folk festivals, county fairs, etc., and although the years have taken away nearly all of the original players, the traditional music continues in Mountain View at the Ozark Folk Center and the Jimmy Driftwood Barn.
_____On this recording, you will listen to some of the "oldest timers" in Ozark mountain music: Bookmiller Shannon and Hubert Hinkle (clawhammer banjo), Ollie Gilbert, Lucy Johnson and Glen Branscum (ballad singers); Kermit Moody, Seth Mize, Buddy Lancaster, Onis, Fate and Richard Morrison (fiddle); Percy Copeland and Freeman Thomas (mouth harp); Lynn Young (autoharp); Kathy Morrison, Jean Simmons, Lynn and Mary Catherine McSpadden (dulcimer), Adrian Parks, Dicie Johnson and Marvin Morrison (mandolin), Kenneth Gosser (dobro); Kenneth Crymes (wash tub bass) and many more, all members of the "Folk Hall of Fame" at the Jimmy Driftwood Barn in Mountain View, Arkansas. There are also many young singers and musicians playing dulcimer, autoharp, guitar, etc.
_____CD with 36 songs and tunes and 8-page booklet with complete list of songs, tunes, performers and instruments.

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Jimmy Driftwood-Americana
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